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Race and Public Policy (Fall 2019, TA for Doug Massey).

Undergraduate course analyzing the historical construction of race as a concept in American society, how and why this concept was institutionalized publicly and privately in various arenas of U.S. public life at different historical junctures, and the progress that has been made in dismantling racialized institutions since the civil rights era.

Selected student feedback:

  • "Hannah was an unbelievable preceptor and was willing to do whatever it takes to help us with grasping and applying the lecture material. She made it a very inclusive and welcoming learning environment."

  • "Hannah was a very helpful preceptor that cared a lot about helping her students succeed. She was very present to answer any questions or concerns and helpful in reviewing for the exams."

  • "Hannah was great! She was thoughtful, engaged, insightful at every precept!"

Population, Society, and Public Policy (Spring 2019, TA for Arun Hendi).

Undergraduate course examining the causes and consequences of population change, with a focus on the policy levers that have been and might be used to regulate fertility and migration; to improve health and living conditions; to manage population aging; and to reduce mortality. Students learn basic demographic concepts, measures, and data sources and engage with longstanding debates about whether and how population growth promotes or undermines economic development.

Selected student feedback:

  • "Hannah is amazing! She livened up demography (which is really hard to do) and allowed for free–flowing conversation in precepts. She was super helpful, resourceful, and easy to get in touch with. Overall the best preceptor I've had!"

  • "Hannah was an absolutely incredible preceptor––by far my favorite preceptor that I've had at Princeton (which is saying something because I'm a senior). She did such a good job at explaining all of the complicated topics and making the environment in precept open and accepting. Most importantly she made learning the material fun!"

  • "Hannah is super compelling and asks great questions. She always pulls stuff out of you, even at 9am, and spins everything you say positively. It's awesome."

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